paisley is the most beautiful girl with stunning eyes and an amazing personality and a good sense of humor. all the guys like her and she has a ton of friends. she is smart and nice to everyone until you get on her bad side, things start going down hill. she does great in school and she loves to read books. she also has good taste in boys. only the best of the best and ones that are hard to find. and once you loose her out of your life you will never get back into her life. paisley has a strong heart and she can easily make friends with almost anyone.
don’t you see that girl. she’s such a paisley😍
by funnycookke January 30, 2018
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The Paisley design is the design printed onto clothing and accesories, the Crips and Bloods wear this design as there bandanas
You got a red paisley, you rollin' wit bloods
by jamzzzzz July 19, 2006
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1.Ancient term for the communal lavatory situated at the edge of a pre-historic Pictish settlement.

2.Shitehole town outside of Glasgow
I love Club 69, but I can't afford the bus to Shiteho-- sorry, Paisley.
by marka March 09, 2005
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"I got jumped cause my black paisley was hangin out my back pocket."
by chickenyoyo April 09, 2006
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Russian man Russian man.
Russian man, Russian man paisley Russian man.
by ToomRoomFan12 October 20, 2020
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Paisley is good looking he's really funny and is really cool paisley is know to be interesting and intelligent and is really sporty.

He can also make people laugh like you never have before.
I saw a guy yesterday and he was definitely a paisley.
by Paisley boy May 28, 2017
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paisley- she ispopular spoiled brat. she is very jealous and will do anything to be popular. she will sell out any friend for a guy. paisley will do any slutty move to impress a guy. she is beautiful. deep down in side she is Lonely very lonely, she wishes she could be herself around people but no one has told her it is to be you!! paisley will show off just for attention. paisley needs to be shown that she is not alone! Paisley needs help
oh, look it is paisley,ugh.
by sorry bae not sorry March 23, 2018
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