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paisley is the most beautiful girl with stunning eyes and an amazing personality and a good sense of humor. all the guys like her and she has a ton of friends. she is smart and nice to everyone until you get on her bad side, things start going down hill. she does great in school and she loves to read books. she also has good taste in boys. only the best of the best and ones that are hard to find. and once you loose her out of your life you will never get back into her life. paisley has a strong heart and she can easily make friends with almost anyone.
don’t you see that girl. she’s such a paisley😍
by funnycookke January 30, 2018
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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The most beautiful girl in the world! Smart sexy with the most amazing eyes and personality. The complete package. Absolutly the perfect girl.
Can have a great time even when there's nothing to do.

Can also make you laugh like you never have before. Under estimates how beautiful and sexy she actually is.

Also has a big booty! Not big in a gross way though ;)
I saw a girl at the beach the other day. she was a total paisley!
by ManiacMcgee July 20, 2009
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The Paisley design is the design printed onto clothing and accesories, the Crips and Bloods wear this design as there bandanas
You got a red paisley, you rollin' wit bloods
by jamzzzzz July 19, 2006
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A very unique person.

She is incredibly emotional, empathetic, creative and smart. An amazing writer, singer and thinker. Overall, she’s a very talented artist and extremely quirky.

She’s used to being misunderstood. Super sensitive and quiet, but you forget about it the more you get to know her. Very insightful and wise, but foolish at the same time. She has a hard time practicing what she preaches.

She is very hard on herself about everything. Gets overwhelmed quickly. Hates school, but isn’t bad at it.

It’s easy to fall for her, but she typically ends up being the one that got away because of her trust issues and fear of commitment. She has a hard time loving herself, but her high EQ lets her work through it.

she makes a loyal and amazing girlfriend.
Woah, you drew that? You’re such a Paisley.

She dresses so uniquely. What a Paisley!
by Pai_it_right December 09, 2019
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1.Ancient term for the communal lavatory situated at the edge of a pre-historic Pictish settlement.

2.Shitehole town outside of Glasgow
I love Club 69, but I can't afford the bus to Shiteho-- sorry, Paisley.
by marka March 09, 2005
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"I got jumped cause my black paisley was hangin out my back pocket."
by chickenyoyo April 09, 2006
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