Regrettables consist of dirty sluts, girls who are a friends girlfriend, and fat chicks. Basically, they are people you would regret banging in the morning and are hence very dangerous at parties.
"DAMN SON! That party is 99% regrettables! I ain't going to that shit!"
by Guaresca January 23, 2009
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"the regrettes" is a kick-ass garage-punk band based in los angles, california. they are a predominately female group with a male drummer (drew thomsen). composed of four members, the band is lead by lead singer and guitarist, lydia night. with brooke dickson on the bass and supporting vocals, and marlhy murphy on backing guitar and leading vocals.
person #1: "hey, have you heard of 'the regrettes'"
person #2: "yeah, i saw them in a fender advert."
person #1: "yeah, i saw that too, but have you heard any of their music?"
person #2: " ofc, they f***ing rock."
by tallgarden September 22, 2020
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A regrettable hulk is a very large hulk sized fat woman that takes advantage of an intoxicated man sexually. Regrettable hulks are solitary hunters and prey on men typically around bars and clubs when they are about to close.
"Yo Bruce, hope you didn't throw your back out last night with that regrettable hulk."
by TheLoganator September 3, 2014
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(Verb): The feeling of annoyance one gets when they like a status or photo via Facebook then later they receive a large amount of notifications from others commenting and/or liking the same thing.
Jim: Ha ha ha, that's a funny picture from last night..."likes"
(Hour later)
Jim: Woah, 37 notifications all having to do with that picture...that was a Regrettable 'Like'
by PandaPat89 April 17, 2010
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i feel like a broken record writing this again and again
communication that exclusively relies on written words can never be complete.
if we're missing out on hearing, sensing, seeing the other, we are ignoring essential elements of mutual understanding.
how do you mark a joke, sarcasm, irony, criticism, reproach if not with tones of your voice, mimic, gesture. how can i make you feel all the love in my heart when im locked out. when i won't be heard out.
failed communication is such a regrettable waste of energy when what you write goes misunderstood, misinterpreted, mistaken. even the knowledge that its you im writing to cannot prevent that.
do you know what i mean.
by tribe-founding February 27, 2021
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A person who you have or have not had sex with, which is or ends up being regretted
Person 1: Hey I have a friend and we ended up fucking
1 week later
Man I really regret that!

Extra: Man! She looks like a regrettable fuck!
by JohnLongshlong January 30, 2021
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