A boy who thinks he's the biggest gangster in the world but in reality is a cute little softie who likes teddy bears and rainbows.
by DoubleDxo October 12, 2010
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A person who’s as gentle as a flower, whose kindness stems from her heart, and does anything she could do to help illuminate the darkness within others, especially those whom she holds dear. She also really likes butter! Although some would prefer her as food...
Buttercup likes butter!
by PeterHuey February 23, 2021
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A flower, it's small and yellow
Buttercup is a beautiful flower and is very common especialy in europe.
by Soley September 5, 2005
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a) This is a sexual act in which the man shits in the girl's mouth, makes out with her, and have each other swallow as much shit as possible until either of them vomit. The girl and the man will spit the mixture of vomit and shit into each other's mouths while making out until either one of them slips up, hopefully spilling the vomit onto the man's penis. Once this happens, the girl must give him head until he ejaculates in her mouth. The girl will spit it on his penis in disgust.

b) The Powerpuff Girl of the same name. Has freakish body proportions, much like her two sisters.
a) No explanation needed

b) Using their ultra superpowers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to stopping crime and the forces of evil!
by Yopmail User June 25, 2022
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A male child, usually in his twenties, who refuses to get his act together. A spoiled brat, who thinks his parents, and everyone else, are obligated to support him forever, because he's special, and exists. A freeloader.
Mike's a buttercup. He never pulls his weight...
by odibee March 25, 2013
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1. To hold your hand to your butthole, fart, and capture the smell in a fist. Then shove it in someone's face.

2. A princess from the book The Princess Bride.
1. The other night, when I had the most intensely horrid gas, I gave my sister a buttercup. The next morning a hearse was parked outside our house.

2.Boyfriend: "Printhess Buttercup ith thexy"
Girlfriend: "Thanks alot"
by the awful truth July 11, 2008
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