Someone who makes grand promises but fails to keep them. Someone you want to believe in but fails you. He is generally found hanging out with anybody and everybody because he doesn't know who he is. He takes up offers and falls through. Reed's are not to be trusted. They break hearts and tell lies.
Don't trust him he is as two-faced as a Reed.
If you get married make sure your spouse isn't a Reed.
by Queen Desdemona October 23, 2014
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A really tall kid that seems real tough but is actually wimpish when he is scared (no offense), known to make high-pitched squeeking noises when threatened
He through the baseball right at my face and when i stood up with an angry look on my face he squeeked and rran away just like Reed Kimzey
by qwertyop February 05, 2009
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1. An insult. Can be used to an action, person, something said or something seen. Most closely related to stupid, dumb, asshole, or Idiot. Also can be used to call someone ugly.

2. A persons name. Has nothing to do with books. (but if you do know a person with this name, you can make fun of him in book-ish ways)

3.A really great college in Oregon.
"Did you see that guy?"
"Eww, he looked like a total Reed!"

"Reed, READ to me."

Reed College
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To be minimally hung. Typically, men with this name are also hermaphrodites. In rare cases, a reed will possess an entirely foreign sexual organ, alien to our planet and completely useless to the female, although quite stimulating among gay males.
I just had the worst sex ever. He was such a reed.
by oldjames198322 May 06, 2010
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Reed Dylan Liyanage is a Canadian hypebeast and sneakerhead with very expensive taste, no one stops Reed from collecting sneakers and living the life of a rich millionaire, at the age of 13, Reed has a collection worth over 100,000 dollars!
Reed is rich!
by Lambodubai October 16, 2020
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A sexy beast that doesn't give a shit about notin and gets what he wants in an agressive ass muda fuckin way
“Damn he was killed bye a Reed” not suprised
by Ollie berry November 20, 2018
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