Constantly complaining about literally everything.
I know its monday, but why dobyou always have to be such a reed
by Renzo915 April 17, 2021
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One who constantly complaints about anything going on.
Stop bitchin about it, why you gotta be such a reed.
by Renzo915 April 17, 2021
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person one: oh i don’t like his name
person two: yea reed is a bad name
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by reedkimball February 11, 2021
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He has a big ego and thinks he’s king of the world
Person one: bro have you met reed

Person two: Yea he’s full of him self
by Beautifulqueen43 March 21, 2020
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A piece of thin wood made into rectangle curved in top that you wet in your mouth you then use a ligature to put the reed on the mouthpiece of an instrument like Clarinet family or sax family. Reeds are very easily chipped messing up sounds. Replace every 2-3 weeks but a month or so is fine.
My reed is broken, you give me a extra if you have any?
by Anonymous 1,000,631 November 23, 2019
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that inoing kid every one knows he thaks he knows every littil thang but we all know he dosent he thanks hes sooo cool but he not!! to bub hem you can just cal hem reeda
is that reed im going to call hem reeda
by drrtrrrrrr February 06, 2020
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a very homosexual male, usually has a broken penis and is barely a non-virgin. although he has many friends he cant escape the loneliness inside of him. faps too much- so much that his mom starts crying whenever she sees him because she's walked in on him too many times.
great friend, loyal, caring about others, says the N word and "fag" too much, gets turned on by everything including the quadratic formula.
god complex, likes the feeling of demonetization.
gay for both drake AND josh from drake and josh.
he also kinda has a bowl cut but he told us not to regard it.
i think thats about it
no example needed we all know
reed im just kidding dont be a sad b0i
"wow, how reed of you to wear a rainbow flag to school!"
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by yeetthebaby03 November 13, 2018
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