Ay Yo F*** That!
Ay Yo, whats good with those cheesballs.
Shoot you with my pimp-cane, ay yo ay yo.
by Klitch April 13, 2006
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When something very homosexual pops off in front of you.
Jaden: Son, I heard dat guy slobbed some dude's pipe yesterday.

Tyrin: AY YO! Dat's foul son.
by J.C. Jones October 15, 2006
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This is said when a unusual, surprising or homesexual reference has come up in a conversation or something along those lines.
one person says "the basketball game was pretty long and hard" another may add "ay-yo"
by Zack Zarlenga March 6, 2004
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the mocking of an individiual after a homosexual comment has been made.
Bob: damn that shit feels hard...
Rob: aye-yo... ???
by white mike November 3, 2003
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Directed towards another person in a casual conversation or to get someone's attention.
"Man, that was some good weed...(Pause)... aye yo, fa real fa real!!"
"AYE YO, where you bout to go?"
by Rachel Angelo February 26, 2007
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Saying aye yo is like saying "that's kind of suspicious" in a sense where it's taken out of context and seen in a dirty way. It's similar to saying "bro that's so sus" as in if what someone just said is taken out of context it sounds weirdly sexual. It also usually is said before or after the word bro, don't even ask why it just sounds right. A lot of the times when it's said it seems like there's an extra space in between the two words so like "Aye, Yo".
Friend: "Hey wanna come up to my room?"
Other friend: "Aye yo bro why are you asking me that type of shit!"
Friend: "Bro why are you taking this out of context."
by DDDairpod November 23, 2021
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hey(yo) something black people say to get someones attention
ay-yo dis fione guy wants your digets
by sharleen August 31, 2003
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