A sexy beast that doesn't give a shit about notin and gets what he wants in an agressive ass muda fuckin way
“Damn he was killed bye a Reed” not suprised
by Ollie berry November 20, 2018
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to snitch on somebody or something, especially one of your close friends.
Man, you just got reeded out yesterday by him.
by johndoe19 April 30, 2010
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That guy in criminal minds that I didn't see in new episodes
I liked the character Reed in the show
via giphy
by Yeyeyeydychd May 19, 2021
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Reed is a very handsome and sexy male.
He had amazing fashion sense and is honest to his friends
Girl: he’s such a Reed
Girlfriend: I know he’s my stepbro
by Tyrobshdhg69 March 17, 2020
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The most sexiest boy ever. The dopest motherfucker. When you see a him butt naked in your kitchen makin bacon thats a REAL man. When hes in the shower wearing your girlfriends robe thats a a true reed. When you see him eating yout girlfrieds baby daddy brothers ex girlfriend’s ass thats Reed. If he has a husky slightly cracking voice constantly making you uncertain about your sexuality (male or female) thats reed.
Check that old man with his dick in a box
“Oh thats just reed
by DATBoiWithHisDickInABox December 09, 2018
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