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An all around perfect girl it's kinda crazy: personality, body, face, mind, goals, it's all perfect!! Rayna has a beautiful smile that can make a guy fall in love, kinda like a spell! Rayna will always be there when you need her, if your'e her friend consider yourself lucky because she doesn't talk to just anybody, you must be special. If your'e in a relationship with a Rayna, then your'e beyond lucky!!! Besides all that, whenever you see Rayna at a party or get together, shes always looking good and high class, yet shes so fun and chill to be around. This is a perfect girl that you will always want to see again,, and again...
and again.
1: Aye, who's that girl with the pretty smile, she taken?
2: oh ya, that's Rayna.. ya she most likely is taken, I mean c'mon now shes gotta be
1: well I'm bout to find out
2: good luck with that lol
1: bro come with me I'm kinda nervous!!
by heartkdub April 19, 2013
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A Beatiful angel with a golden personality and bounds of talent.....that any guy would love to adore!!!!
One who repels ignorance and lies through demonstration.
Holy Torpedo....That Rayna girl looks fantastic!!!......break me off a piece of that!!!!
Rayna is amazing, we should all inspire to be her.
by Ferrend August 24, 2008
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Very hot, sexy, fun to be around girl. She is a guys best drinking friend. Mans best friend
WOW Rayna your HOT!
Look at that girl drink....oh thats just Rayna
by coliom February 22, 2007
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An incredibly nice and athletic girl! Rayna is very caring, athletic, and very friendly. She can be shy at times but once you get to know her, shes beyond happy and the opposite of shy! Once you see her beautiful light brown eyes, and brown hair, you'll fall in love instantly! It's kind of like a spell.
Boy 1 "Aye who's that girl over there??"
Boy 2 "Oh that's Rayna, shes amazing and beautiful!"
Boy 1 "Oh well she must have a boyfriend like theres no doubt."
by Levi Christenson May 30, 2018
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A girl that is very shy and very insecure but around friends is a loud asss cursing person that likes Kool aid man
Why is Rayna obsessed with Kool aid man?
by Marauder101 June 08, 2018
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A girl who is absolutely obsessed with a band who ignores her existence. A huge dog lover who will probably either change the world or be the next dog whisperer. She loves cute nicknames but is also probably single forever since she's so lame. She's super loud but doesn't have much of a social life. Will probably move far away from where she is from. She feels lonely and wants to escape.
Wow Rayna is so lame did she really just do that?
by Invisxble October 09, 2016
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A stupid bitch who gets bad grade on easy webquest assignments and sucks at everything including band,ROTC,apush,colorgaurd, she needs divine punishment
Student 1: what did u say Rayna got on her webquest
Student 2: 60 lol
Student 1: stupid slut
by Hahasillyme September 14, 2017
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