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Rednexican (n): a person of Mexican-american descent that, either through the influence of spending many years living in the south or just through natural inclination exhibits many redneck traits along with those of his cultural heritage.
Example: Jaime is such a rednexican - he just wrapped the ribs he's having for dinner in a tortilla.
by annemkat June 05, 2018
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A Mexican with Redneck tendencies.
Hey ya'll! Look at that Mexican with the mullet out there on the dance floor doing the boot scootin' boogie! Boys that ain't no Mexican! That's a Rednexican! He's one of us leave em alone!
by charlesmithias75 June 09, 2008
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Rednexican is a very special breed of Mexican American. They are most commonly known for growing up in the country, usually in mobile homes or single wide trailers, and are familiar with many aspects of rural existence. This may include knowing the lyrics to many country music songs but also every Corrido or Banda song. Skills include: being handy with a weed eater in jean shorts and huaraches; excellent wood chopping abilities without protective gloves; champion bucking hay skills with no fancy hay hooks or hand protection; cooking tortillas on a diesel smudge-pot in the middle of the night; knowing what it means to lock in the front wheels on an older 4x4 truck when your papa is too drunk to drive and the truck is still rolling; good at mudding in orchards or out in the woods; can out run the police in the back country; knows the best spots out in the sticks, or orchards, to have unprotected sex; engine repair with janky tools; milking cows without lubrication; building fences with sticks or rocks; drunken gun standoff's withwhite trash neighbors; bar fights with the local trailer trash, and the list goes on and on.
The Rednexican butchered the old cow out in the front pasture with only an old machete while the new Californian neighbors hurried by in disgust with their Labradoodle.
by Ohboyskies May 09, 2014
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The co-mingling of a Redneck and a Mexican that occurs in rural areas, most often in mobile home parks.
"Check out the Rednexicans that moved in down the way".....
by TrinaA July 01, 2008
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A Mexican person that has acquired traits common to a typical American Redneck.
After going with Skeeter to the Lynard Skynard tribute concert, Pedro went all Rednexican with and now he wears a John Deer ballcap, dips Coppenhagen, and drives a pick-up with a gun rack.
by DamascusBlade November 06, 2016
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A trashy, uneducated white woman that dates Hispanics and is magically endowed with the ability to speak perfect Spanish via sperm osmosis. These women generally start off dating Black men, but realize that the Hispanic men are not as offensive to their families(dark, but not that dark).
She flunked out of ninth grade and can't speak proper English. But, after having an Anchor Baby with Hector, she speaks perfect Spanish. She's such a Rednexican.
by Sam Buzzard 89 September 13, 2010
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1.Someone who is a redneck trying to be mexican. I.E. clothing, food, low rider...
2. Vice versa: A mexican thats trying to be a redneck. Likes boots, cowboy hat, leather belt with large silver buckle, and drives a Ford truck.
A Tex-Mex is a perfect example. Or a Rednexican that loves mexican women
by Sphincterlover August 20, 2012
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