A type of white trash. Someone who lives in a single-wide trailer, and is therefore not as committed to the trailer park as a double wide.
He's definitely only a single wide. He'll be out of the trailer park before his 25th birthday.
by wordguy2 March 09, 2010
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A simple gauge to use in the consideration of the white trashiness of a women.

Those of single wide status are the trashiest of all, dirty babies, ink pen tattoo of her mans name, wifebeater, boxers and flip flops and an overall dirty appearance while out in public.

It can progress the cleaner the women is.. to double wide, triple wide, modular status and so on.
Chode 1: Hey did you check out that new chick at the Top Draw trailer park Kristin.

Chode 2: Man she came in with that dirty baby, she's single wide status bro.
by Chootem April 06, 2012
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is defined by poor people confused by the republicans propaganda to vote against their own financial interests.

A republican who lives in a single wide trailer.
by Chris Lamb Jr December 20, 2020
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