It is a typically used to insult people in the Nigerian speech/language "pidgin". It could be completed, but is also very effective alone. It is very provocative because Nigerians hold their parents in very high regard and get quite mad when any of them are mentioned in an insult.
"why would you slap me? your papa dey craze?"
*someone insults you* "Your papa"
by msfteverything March 31, 2022
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You say this to someone who is fucking annoying and to someone who has no purpose in life. This shows them they are useless and should not be on this planet
Bradshaw: Im fat im fat im fat
Nick Doring: Hey, your papa should worn a rubber. You worthless piece of dop poo.
Bradshaw: :(
by Adrian June 2, 2004
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To be exteremley good at something. Skillful in a sexual act or An expert in a particular activity.
"This band are so good they be rockin yo Mama like only to Papa knows how."
by SteveDave May 9, 2003
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