1) The characteristically spicy style of Mexican food of Texas, influenced by non-Mexican cuisine (i.e. Texas barbecue).

2) The style of norteño (northern Mexican) music associated with South Texas; also known as Tejano. Instruments used include the accordion and the bajo sexto (a twelve-string bass-rhythm guitar).
We're going out for some Tex-Mex food tonight in San Antonio, so bring your Pepto-Bismol.
by LudwigVan December 12, 2003
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A type of food and a type of language spoken mostly by people living in South Texas, not really full spanish, but there is some spanish in there.
"My Grandma speaks Tex-Mex, not full spanish so she can't help me with my homework."
by AgEvan September 30, 2007
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Food. It's food people. Kickass Mexican food, with a Texas twist. Can be found at places such as El Chico's.

The difference between Tex-Mex and (authentic) Mexican food, is that Tex-Mex has more flavor.
She didn't like the bland enchiladas at Los Rojo's, but the ones at the new Tex-Mex place had a lot of zip.
by Mimiko May 18, 2003
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relating to a blend of Texan and Mexican cultures or cuisines.
Let's visit the Tex-Mex eatery.
by uttam maharjan October 2, 2010
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Anything of mixed Texan and Mexican heritage, especially food and music.
Biff: Let's grab some Mexcian food, dude!
Juan: Sure, but you can't find the real deal in these parts. We'll have to settle for some Tex Mex.
by Steve Deere April 7, 2008
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Me: Oh, are you gonna get a garden salad?

Friend: Nah, I was thinking about spicy it up and getting Tex-mex!
by thetexicans May 21, 2018
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Cheap, dirty brown weed from mexico sold in Texas.
Stoner: Yo, mon! Got any KGB?

Drug Dealer: Nah, just some crappy Tex Mex.

Stoner: Cool. I'll take an ounce. I'm going to bake a big batch of brownies and give them to my sister to share with her 3rd grade class.
by Tim Jerome February 20, 2008
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