Any grassy-knoll-like surface of the body...grassy-knoll-like in that is it harry and sound for grazing. Or digging.
Don't touch my pasture.
by Rachael Waterdwelling January 23, 2003
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noun - The exclusive repository for senior advisors that came into a campaign or project late and totally fucked everything up. The pasture is where these highly paid and under qualified senior advisors go to prepare for their next failed venture.

Person 1: You totally fucked up the Senator's campaign.
Person 2: Don't worry; I’m going to the pasture.
by m-mcdonald January 21, 2009
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The state of being blazed and plastered. One who is pastured is very likely to wake up somewhere in the pasture and have no memory of the night before.
Did you see Nick last night? He was so Pastured, 3 people had to help carry him out of the movie theater.
by emcmillan444 January 28, 2011
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A place less desirable than your current location. The opposite of greener pastures.
I can't believe Fred left this amazing city for browner pastures.
by jeru411 July 10, 2015
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it is synonm for low grade marjuana.
i.e., swag weed, pasture pot
by behol December 24, 2010
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"Would you say they find me unstable
Cause they see me act a little bit different
But I know my way to greener pastures and
Think about it, won't you think it over
by *MICHI* April 1, 2003
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a better or more exciting job or place
A lot of scientists are seeking greener pastures abroad because of the scarcity of opportunities at home
by Atom12345 January 6, 2010
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