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Red deer is a small city between Calgary and Edmonton, a dangerous street ass place to live. 5th most dangerous city in canada. primarily populated by drug dealers and crack addicts. The police don’t do shit in red deer. Home to two shitty high schools and a huge overdose rate.
Other names for red deer are Dead deer and shred deer
Bob yo dude I saw a dude tweaking out next to the 711 downtown!
Daniel no shit it’s red deer
by Lilwhiyte April 09, 2018
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1. The central city of Alberta, Canada.

2. Winner of the 2002 Cultural Capital of Canada Award.

3. Alternately referred to by its spoonerism, Dead Rear.
Adam: Let's move to Red Deer, precious. It was the Cultural Capital of Canada in 2002.

Eve: I heard there's sweet cash to be made in Dead Rear.

Adam: It's Red Deer, my darling.

Eve: That's what I said Adam.
by samurailovintubmachine December 17, 2010
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place. Sparklingly clean, relatively disease free city cleverly placed between Edmonton and Calgary in the hub of the buried oil and dinosaurs belt. Home to many of the prettiest nurses on the planet and home to more country themed bars than is really sensible.

Red Deer was visited after the last ice-age by successive waves of paleolithic settlers who "kicked the tires" a bit but continued south to found empires in Mexico and Peru. Fur traders and cartographers such as Anthony Henday and David Thompson visited the area but also moved on. Finally a city was founded by Leonard Gaetz, a failed minister and successful land speculator who convinced the local natives to live in reduced circumstances to the west.

Oil is present in abundance and the wealth from it, and from grain growing, cheese production, gravel sifting, and ashphalt storage enriches the populace and makes them feel special ... very special.

Curling bonspiels, hockey tournaments, travelling to warmer climates and endlessly discussing ski wax keep the locals amused through the long cold winters.

Summers are filled with street art festivals featuring clown juggling and, often, heavy drinking.

The Red Deer river cuts through rocky strata that hold thousands of dinosaur fossils that begin to lose their magic after you have seen an eyefull.
Do you want to visit Red Deer and see the latest T. rex skeleton?

Is it a siamese twin or something, because otherwise I'd rather catch the sled dog race on TV.
by gnostic1 July 17, 2011
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place. Small Canadian city nestled between oil wells gushing rich prosperity onto the upturned faces of the throngs of happy citizens who have a tendency to thank God and vote slightly right wing. Rebels hockey rules in winter. Swatting flying bugs rules in summer. Dinosaurs are under the ground but they are deep enough that nobody gets hurt.

Do you feel like going to Red Deer this weekend?

No. Not really.
by gnostic1 June 13, 2011
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The BEST city in Alberta. Located between Edmonton and Calgary, it is at the center of the Albertan heartland. It's a clean city filled with parks, 3 excellent high schools and various shopping centers, it is an amazing city to live in.

Individuals who live outside this city often are very ignorant of this city. In fact, some, such as the clueless cretins who posted absurd definitions of this city, haven't got an inkling of what this city is about. They are usually retard, fag homos who happen to cross Gasoline Alley and think that's the City of Red Deer.

Red Deer rocks!
People who actually live in Red Deer: I love this city! Thank goodness I live in Red Deer!

Fag douchebag who has no life: Aww may gawd!! Red Deer suuuucks............. let's rub our dicks now..............
by Proud Red Deerian September 21, 2009
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city between calgary and edmonton in alberta. lots of sluts (more than calgary). the college is 75% women! woo! terrible nightlife, just shitty kiddie bars.
i go to school in red deer but dear god i can't wait to transfer to a real university. but dr. stuebing still rocks.
by teevee June 09, 2003
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