Swatting is an internet prank/crime where someone finds your address either through your IP or because your name and location is known.Then they call 911 anonymously and report a fake emergency.Ex,someone can call and say that someone at that address is being held at a gun point or someone is going to commit suicide and a SWAT team would be dispatched to the address.

Its becoming a trend,it is only a matter of time before somebody gets killed.Anyone caught swatting could face serious charges — even federal charges for abusive 911 calls, false alarms or reports and then unauthorized use of telecommunications.
I got swatted yesterday by some hacker on the internet.Swatting should be stopped,its not funny.
by Droct August 28, 2014
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Swatting is the act of obtaining a streamer's personal information through various means, and then using the info to report the streamer as a potential terrorist, therefore deploying a SWAT team to the location. Although some mofos find this funny, it is only a matter of time before someone is killed because of someone's twisted sense of humor.
Adam: Dude, I heard you got raided by the police yesterday. What happened?
Nicholas: I got swatted. Seriously, swatting isn't funny, people.
by JayPlaysBeamNG December 26, 2018
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The act of making up different stories or scenarios on different accounts and posting in the same message board (i.e. Reddit) to see how a community reacts to different/opposite posts. See
Person 1: Why do you own so many Reddit accounts?

Person 2: I'm really into swatting, trolling, and memeing for different reactions
by Reconify May 2, 2019
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When someone calls in a make-believe hostage situation or other major offense that would need to be handled by a SWAT team. Mostly done to streamers mid broadcast or other famous Youtube/Twitch celebrities.
The SWAT team busted into his house and arrested him live on stream. He was swatted.
by Nick 2014 September 4, 2014
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A goal achieved by hacking where the hacker tricks 911 systems into deploying SWAT to an unsuspecting victim's home under false pretenses.
A new cyber crime called "swatting" is capable of putting people in danger from SWAT in there own homes by strangers thousands of miles away.
by neoeon December 18, 2007
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Special Weapons And Tactics

SWAT teams are situated in large cities, but some organisations (like the FBI) have similer teams.

SWAT is somewhat a police special forces, handling situations too dangerous for normal police officers. Such as multiple armed suspects, barricaded armed suspects, hostage situations, among others.

Side note: although the cops in america seem crooked, the police in england are polite, friendly, and helpful.
"Talk, we need SWAT in here, multiple suspects armed with automatic weapons on the corner of 12th and main"

"10-1 but acknowledged"
by MarineJulio April 7, 2005
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