A term in the United States for the midwestern states, but can often include southern and/or red states.
Missouri and Iowa are part of the American heartland.
by z4iken June 15, 2013
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Heartland is a TV show from Canada that is very famous about horses and drama *it is on netflix*. Hertland is played from 7:00 to 8:00 on CBC (i think)

Me : no sorry, i can't come over i have to watch Hertland.
Friend : whats Heartland ?
Me : nevermind i'll come over.
*Goes over with gun*
Friend : He...
Me : *with the gun to they're head* i will shoot you if you do not go on netflix anad watch every single episode right now !
Friend : WTF NOOO !!!

Me : *Shoots them*
by Mia Crawford March 19, 2017
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Historically known as 'The South'.

'The South' was a very large region in the lower eastern portion of the contiguous states of the USA. You may see a map in the following link: (link is not maintained) http://americancivilwar.com/pictures/comp1850.jpg

The South was a place which supported slavery, and had a wide-spread cultural deficiency in the appreciation of love, justifiably. The South used slaves to perform difficult manual labor for the benefit, mainly, of the people who 'owned' the slaves.

Today, the 'heartland' refers to areas of the USA which are still significantly influenced by this powerful history. The heartland is a place where love is secondary to selfish desires. The heartland also consequently has an overabundance of the most unfortunate people: the 'republicans'. 'Republicans', like their ancestors, possess a great lack of empathy for the life around them, causing relative harm and distress.
Animal abusers
Bush enthusiasts
Slave holders
Anti-choice activists
by Ratio May 22, 2005
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A sub genre of rock music originated in the Midwest. Characterized by light and semi-twangy guitar riffs, this genre is dedicated to mostly blue-collar workers and average folks from Middle America (Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Indiana, ...) ex: Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, Tom Petty,...

Heartland rock is probably the most easy-listening sub genre of rock music, and it is also the epitome of American pride and small town pride, which is similar to Country music and Southern Rock.
Bob: I live and die in the heartland, and ain't nothing beat the music where I'm from.

Bill: what type of music do your folks listen to?

Bob: my folks only listen to one thing, and it is heartland rock.
by Eastermister February 24, 2016
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Heartlands academy is so shit. The PE teachers rape u. The science teachers bully you. The history teachers like 6 years olds
Heartlands Academy is so dead
by Ofsted (Eac-t) July 12, 2022
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Heartland Christian School is a very gay school with gay children
“Have you guys seen the kids at Heartland Christian School?Those kids are very gay
by zeethegod December 19, 2021
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