addictive drink that can be sculled in less than 2 minutes (:
which is quite kool, if you ask me (:
hell yum. not to be drunk by people under the influence of alcohol, weed, or who already have a natural high.
"whoa, dude, the redbull was, like, in the can, and now, it like, gooonneee!"
by hanii_yo September 01, 2008
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Nectar of the frat boys, engineering and architecture students, and overworked hairdressers. Said to give you wings. Frankly? It tastes like liquid smarties, which isn't a good thing.
If Fred doesn't have his red bull, he won't be able to pass his business 101 class!
by mollydolly April 16, 2008
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a Facebook code "I`m a woman in a relationship"

see Whisky
on facebook:
Sarah: RedBull!
Jane: what does that mean?
Sarah: I'll explain later.
Richard: can you explain to me too?
Sarah: no, its an inside Girl thing.
by jojoplay December 11, 2010
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Red Bull is an extremely powerful energy drink, containing taurine and guarine. It's name, contrary to popular belief, is actually derived from famed basketball legend Michael Jordan. It is assumed that their slogan, "Red Bull gives you wings" is to be taken literally as Michael Jordan's (a.k.a. The AIR Man) hangtime was .92 seconds and gave the impression of flight. The name itself did not actually come from the legend, but from his legendary team, the Chicago Bulls. Naturally, the logo for the historic NBA franchise is a red bull, hence the name.
"Red Bull - how else do you think I won all those championships?" -23
by catch these men December 15, 2010
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An overly caffeinated energy drink that in marketing materials is purported to "Give you wings". In personal experience, you need at least 2 cans to feel any sort of energy-boosting effect.

Rumored to be made of Chuck Norris's urine, canned and carbonated.
Chuck Norris decided to sell his urine. He called it Red Bull.

Does Red Bull actually give you wings?

Lindsay Lohan swilled Red Bull when she was "sober".
by Heather (Ya Know) January 02, 2008
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An energy drink that comes in a small can and is in competition with some of the most popular brands. Its unique flavor makes up for its lack of size.
Person 1: hey what do you want to drink?

person 2: a red bull
by lyndon K March 09, 2008
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An energy drink originated from Thailand. The canned shit Europe and America get has been severely moderated, or, for you mentally diluded people, "nerfed".

It's got nothing to do with drugs. It is also more healthy than coffee, contains less caffeine and yet still keeps you up.

It includes taurin. Which is NOT bullsperm. It helps the function of the muscles, although humans don't need much of it.
"Lawl i drank 3 Red Bulls in a row and I got high like on speed!!!!!1"

by KeeperOfTruth May 06, 2009
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