A popular and expensive energy drink, containing the active ingredient 'Taurine', literally translated in Romanian as 'bull piss' or loosely translated as 'bull sperm'. Everybody that drinks it in Romania is convinced it is actually one of these ingredients, but they drink it anyway because it works awesome.
Let's drink some red bull sperm and get energized.
by xkotto May 29, 2006
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The creature that drove all the unicorns into the sea. Owned by King Hagard.
King Hagard got the Red Bull to drive all the unicorns into the sea, so it would make him happy.
by Bogswallop November 03, 2006
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The product of the circular candy Smarties after they have been liquified.
Boy:Red Bull tastes like a rainbow
Girl: No i think it tastes like the blood of a Klingon
Man: It's a bird, it's a plane.....
Woman: What is that?
Boy: No I think that is liquified Smarties!

(Then the boy realizes that he is all alone because Red Bull does F'ed up things to you when consumed)
by B-Balla August 07, 2005
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bad for u but its so good, diet red bull has 200 mg of sodium! great with vodka!
way better then any soda
by chloe January 15, 2004
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it among other energy drinks is wht keeps me alive and makes me jump higher at track meets!!!
"fuck! i'm having a red bull crash!!.." "COACH!!! WE NEED TO STOP AND GET MORE RED BULL!!!"
by shelbs March 08, 2005
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