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Loctated in Barker Country, USA.
This AMAZING game show is fun to watch. You can play along (exept for the wheel part) and scream at the TV for one fun filled hour of vain popping entertainment. There are also hot chickes known as the as Barker's Beauties who the whole Price Is Right Audience knows Bob Barker at 80 years old is banging.
I'm going to Barker Country to play plinko and nail some of those Barker's Beauties and scream until my head explodes! And while I'm bleeding all over the old people and armed forces that are sitting next to me, I'll be sporting my matching T-shirt with all of my buds!
by B-Balla July 19, 2005

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The product of the circular candy Smarties after they have been liquified.
Boy:Red Bull tastes like a rainbow
Girl: No i think it tastes like the blood of a Klingon
Man: It's a bird, it's a plane.....
Woman: What is that?
Boy: No I think that is liquified Smarties!

(Then the boy realizes that he is all alone because Red Bull does F'ed up things to you when consumed)
by B-Balla August 07, 2005

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