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A Russian based company which originated around the mid 19th century. Smirnoff is specialized in producing vodka based products and is one of the largest vodka companies in the world.
Drinking entire bottles of Smirnoff is dangerious - but fun!
by VinC January 03, 2005
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the perfect vodka. it's right in between being so cheap that it may as well be rubbing alcohol and so expensive that you figure it's gotta be filtered with opium to cost that fucking much.
Annie loves getting crunked with her $13 smirnoffs!
by kezbies January 29, 2008
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A very sweet and perfectly normal metro-sexual drink. Perfect on the rocks with lemon and lime, in a tall glass. Often incredibly expensive when mixed with other ingredients.
Jean Le Fete "Oh, i cannot find my eyeliner in my man purse! Darling! "

Jeffery Jacaferie "Honey, we need to wet our lips with some fresh Smirnoff, lemon and so now!"
by seanwukun September 01, 2008
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An excellent tasting alcoholic drink with the around the same proof as any ordinary beer but is still degraded by ignorant teens calling it "cheerleader beer" (obviously they think anything hardcore has to taste like shit)
dude1: why is everyone dissin my smirnoff when its the most popular beer at the party?

dude2: dickheads
by GuitR November 02, 2006
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Alcohol advertised to be vodka but really is shit. If you bring Smirnoff at a party, you really have to hate the person inviting you.
A: Want some vodka?
B: Yeah, sure... Wadya have?
A: Smirnoff
B: I thought you said you had vodka not dollar store booze....
by virus612 October 17, 2013
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1)The low proof vodka that is commonly known as "chic beer" or "cheerleader beer"
It is also considered derogatory if a man is seen drinking a smirnoff.
I got to go to the gas station to buy some smirnoff for the girls.

Jim, why are you drinking a smirnoff? Are you gay?
by Mr Sixpack April 23, 2008
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