Ck: "Dude, that call by the ref was bullshit."

Jack: "Ya I know, that was such Red Bull"
by (J.B.) April 27, 2011
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The magical elixir that causes the drinker to sprout wings
Guy: Dude, Dave just drank some Red Bull!

Other guy: So?

Guy: He's gone man! He flew off into the sunset!
by TheDude6996 October 23, 2012
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The weakest and most over-priced of all energy drinks.

Synonyms: Red Bull Sugar Free

Antonyms: Monster
idiot: Yo fool! Will you pick me up a Red Bull!?

Joms: Why would you pay 2 dollars for an 8 oz can, when you can pay the same price for a Monster and get twice as much of something better!?

idiot; I guess I never thought about it that way before.... I guess you're right!
by therealjohno December 03, 2004
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(V) Something that is about to take off; about to be lit
People are starting to show up, we have the drinks flowing. This party is Red Bull.
by Oak Squad August 17, 2018
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Tom was drinking red bull and got stoned at a same time. He was taken out in a body bag and the Red Bull could give him wiiings no more!
by DiedonRedBull April 10, 2009
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Energy drink that is great when mixed with an alcholic beverage. The combonation is guaranteed to get you fucked up!
by cutiepye04 November 02, 2004
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