A gross tasting energy drink that shrinks your testicles
"Red Bull gives you wings...And shrinks your testicles!"
by MrMojoRisn May 15, 2006
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(V) Something that is about to take off; about to be lit
People are starting to show up, we have the drinks flowing. This party is Red Bull.
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by Oak Squad August 17, 2018
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what have ecstasy and red bull got in common?
they both give u wings
by D. Hine September 17, 2003
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adjective. used to describe something kick ass.
taking a percocet and achieving a percogasm was so redbull
by Nate Dawwwwwg January 29, 2008
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Tom was drinking red bull and got stoned at a same time. He was taken out in a body bag and the Red Bull could give him wiiings no more!
by DiedonRedBull April 10, 2009
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Someone woth red colour skin and his wife sleeps around
O Kwstas ine red bull
Ine kokkinos k i gineka tu xenopida
by Kdkejjwns May 20, 2020
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