Make up sex.

When as a male you have screwed up so horribly that only some lovin' will change her mind about you being a douchebag. She'll remember why she loves you after you 'reconcile'
James screwed up so badly by forgetting his girlfriend's birthday, he needs to go and reconcile with her before she dumps his ass.
by Kazefiend January 2, 2011
The 18. April is the International day of Reconcile.
You get good with a person you were not good with. You make peace and you're friends again.
Alanur: Hey Mevra you want to be friends again?
Mevra: yes I missed you.
Alanur: I missed you too.
Now we are Reconciled
by Tt1905 April 18, 2022
1. Variance that is reconciled
2. Variance that is known and reconciled
3. Known variance just because
4. Known variance because we know it is a variance
5. Known variance that will not be resolved
6. Variance that is know and reconciled, however not sure what to do with the variance or clear.
I see a $10,000 variance. Its definitely a known variance reconciled (KVR). I don't know what it relates to so let's KVR it.
by KnownVariance June 14, 2012