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To start anew with fresh ideas in a way that is consistent with the principals of the original, but not unnecessarily constrained by what has taken place before.
Does the Dr Who reboot mean the Doctor can regenerate as many times as he wants?
by WordSmiffy June 11, 2010
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Great show that used to be shown on Cartoon Network a few years back. It was the first all computer animated series ever. The whole show's premise was about life in a computer, as if the computer was a city/planet thing, and the Internet and the Web was outer space. Viruses were (mostly) evil villains, who tried to convert the citizens of said computer world into viral servants.

The user was like a god, so to speak. The user would play games, causing a large purple cube to descend upon an area of the city. If the citizens inside won, and defeated the user, the cube would leave, no harm done. On the other hand, if they lost, they were "nullified" and became slug-like creatures with no apparent conciousness. Also, the area covered by the cube is wrecked. The games are the funniest part of the show. They often spoofed on actual games and tv shows. One of my favorites is when Matrix, a muscular, green humanoid and his girlfriend, AndrAIa, enter a game, along with a younger version of Matrix. Once inside the game, they tap their badge-like icons, and become game characters. The younger kid becomes bald, short, and stocky. Matrix becomes an exact, but larger, replica. Basically, they are now Dr. Evil and Mini-Me!!!! LOL. The Austin Powers-spoofed character was just plain dorky..........0.o
Cartoon Network took a survey of popular Toonami shows. Guess which one was voted All Time Favorite??? yeah, you guessed it, Reboot...
by OldSkoolTVRoxx March 06, 2006
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To put yer boots back on!
dagnabbit, i just got comfortable. but now i have to reboot because der ain't no more o'dat dang ol' farwood in de stove
by Redneck Dictionary March 11, 2010
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1. To restart a computer when it's acting like a little bitch. Common on old Mac and Windows systems, not so common on old Linux boxes, rare on modern computers.

2. To restart a movie, comic, TV, or book franchise in hopes that it won't jump the shark again. Sometimes works spectacularly (Battlestar Galactica). Sometimes falls flat on its face.
1. "If there's an error, we have this routine called panic, and when it is called, the machine crashes, and you holler down the hall, 'Hey, reboot it.'" --Dennis Ritchie

2. I was contemplating the idea of a Knight Rider reboot the other day. Would be interesting, definitely, but would it really be Knight Rider without the Hoff?
by January 24, 2007
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The method of kicking the bejesus out of your PC to stop it from being annoying.
by Skeptic One July 23, 2003
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v. to take a power nap, drink a caffeinated beverage, engage in sexual intercourse, or use any other means to recharge one's energy or the energy of another.
hey man, you look pretty tired. go reboot, i'll take over from here.
by joe February 10, 2005
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