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When a man doesn't want to get caught whacking off by his wife, so he goes and sits in the car to rub one out.
So last night I told the wife that I forgot to take the trash out. So then I sat in the car and performed a knight rider on myself.
by cowboy orange March 07, 2011
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The story of a man...who does not exsist. An old TV show shown on U.S.A. depicting a talking black car driven by David Hasselholf
Knightrider is fun to watch while intoxicated
by Spencer Meyers December 29, 2003
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In homo sapiens, a Knight is the individual in the community whom the others follow. Within this community, a female referred to as a "Knight Rider" prides themselves on their ability to attract and wrangle the "Knight Stick". If knight stick hunting was economics, their meat wallet would simply be the most full. Each Knight Rider Pack is enevitably diffrent but they all contain the same heirchy containing a Knight Rider at the top, competiters for being a Knight Rider in the middle, and at the bottom the third wheel girls. In certain highly social environments (i.e. college campuses, dorms, and greek housing) a contender can use more indirect methods, such as political alliances, rumors, severe intoxication and sloppy blowjobs to oust the ruling Knight Rider and take her place.
1) Two female college roommates vying for "Knight Rider" dominance happen to both sleep with their floor RA, who happens to be a knight, in a futile attempt to show off their knight stick courting superiority and in the process encourage other knight riders.
by therealest1987 February 05, 2012
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The T.V. show that made David Hasselhoff famous, as well as the talking car K.I.T.T. Basically a thrown together detective story centering on KITT and his various gadgets with some notable enemies, K.A.R.R, the evil KITT and Evil Michael Knight. Was on between Airwolf and A-Team during the 80's. One of those shows you only loved if you were a kid when it was aired.
I took a sick day from school to watch knight rider all day long!
by evilmichaelknight April 17, 2006
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The most awsome tv show ever!! Aired on NBC from 1982 to 1986 and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent and the powerless. In the first episode a police officer named Michael Long was saved by a dying billionaire and given a new identity (Michael Knight) and a new life at FLAG (Foundation For Law And Government). The show's focal point was a black Trans Am, named KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) by which Michael Knight was entitled to after being the victim of an attempted murder by a group of corporate criminals. KITT is a prototype vehicle built by the Knight Foundation and FLAG who has a sarcastic personality and is programmed to protect Michael on his assignments. He is the fastest, safest and strongest car in the world whos features include being able to talk, driving himself, turbo boost, oil slick, smoke release, Super Pursuit Mode (introduced in the last season), turning into a convertible (also debuted in the last season), ejection seats, tinting his windows, ski mode a scanner and silent mode.

Knight Rider's last episode produced (but not necessarily aired), the Scent of Roses, was reminiscent of Hasslehoff's wedding to actress Catherine Hickland in which Michael becomes depressed after a near fatal encounter with a terrorist and wants to leave the Foundation and marry his longtime love, Stevie(played by his then wife Hickland). Stevie was killed by the terrorist at their wedding and Michael goes on a quest to find him. The show ends as Michael has flashbacks of Stevie and decides to return to the Foundation.
Knight Rider is my favorite tv show and met its demise when it was cancelled in 1986.
by August 17, 2007
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