It means like, What is going on?
Why you doing that?
by Atomix October 7, 2003
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if your mate does something to you you'll ask him why? or alternativly what gives?
person 1:i shagged your mum
person 2:why'd you have to do that? what gives?
by b3ta October 9, 2003
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A nonfiction novel written by 16-yr-old Oklahoman Chelsea Marie about her descent into depression, teen suicide, and corruptions in mental healthcare. It was published by TOGI Entertainment in 2007.
"Did you read the article about 'What Gives?' in Texas Monthly?"
by subplathora April 1, 2008
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Said to someone who has just done something annoying to you.

Sometimes used in place of What the hell?, Seriously?, or Why did you do that?
I'm enjoying my lunch in the school cafeteria. Douchebag walks by and knocks my milk all over my food.

Me: "What gives?!?"
by Supercords July 14, 2012
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This Term Refers to something going awry, or Something going horribly wrong.
A perfect example is the Fairly OddParents Episode, Hard Copy, when Wanda Wishes up a Engine, and a Soda, for his Starfighter, while Evading Dark Laser, a Character Parodying Dark Vader from Star Wars, but it seems that the machine had ran out of Toner, and had made half of both of the engine, and the soda.
Wanda:"One Star Fighter Engine, and a soda coming right up!"
*Engine and soda are poofed*
Timmy:"Hey! Half a soda? Half a Engine? What Gives!?"
by November 6, 2011
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This saying means to never back down, and to never give up!
If Timothy says, Never back down, Bobert would say, never give up, supporting each other! So saying Never back down never what, never give up! is great!
by Bobert 123 September 1, 2023
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What you say when youve just had enough and cant be bovered to listen to someone drone on for any longer.
geography teacher: today we are learning about global warming

!st person: global warming will soon cause massive destruction and in about 40 generations global death.

2nd person:do you know what, i dont give a bloody shit.
by daisyssis21 December 8, 2009
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