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Verb. In golf, the use of a putter from at least 20 yards from the green
I am 40 yards from the green but I think I'm going to totally Rasmussen it.
by The Peedoc June 10, 2017
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the fable creature that picks up pennies, asks for dimes and always buys bohemian beer becasue it is 50 cents less than canadian, this species consists of hot females and skinny gay soccer playing males.
rasmussen played dance dance revolution
for 58 cents

yo rasmussen r u going out, no im playing soccer 2morrow
by hotssisa October 13, 2006
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Verb. To leave work for a break or lunch when you are at the busiest point and leaving your coworkers to cover your workload. Returning when everything it done.
That Paul is a real tool, he totally Rasmussened me when he went on break earlier. He came back when all his work was done!
by JNorman911 August 22, 2017
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