n. A loud middle-aged or elderly man usually found in pubs, betting shops, municipal golf courses, flea markets and bus rallies throughout the UK. The word 'putter' in this sense has origins in 'punter' and of course an old putter will 'putt around' - invariably getting in everone's way in the process.
Putters usually follow a traditional dress: Cap or trilby hat, golf attire, blazers, flasher-macs and unfashionable spectacles. They are very traditional in their views and despite their generally working class origins, they will vote Conservative.

Putters love to whistle- loudly. A putter's whistle is often tuneless and full of sentimental vibrato - usually some unmusical version of a wartime number.
Putters can be grumpy and very impatient with young people.
by DanEvans April 05, 2010
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A putter is what your dick is when it's only half erect (as in, "not the full wood")
I tried to fuck her but couldn't cos I only had a putter...
by funkylovebunny69 November 07, 2010
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(n.) and (v.)a rather viscous sample of fecal matter, in close resemblance to butter. Also used to "soften" the meaning of "shit"
"the dog left behind a perfectly formed putter in the yard next door"


"She puttered right then and there; man-o-man was she embarassed"

by Yelle-na April 26, 2009
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red hair step child with an obesicity problem who although he likes you, will not hesitate to blast you in the face.
"Jesus putter calm down dont blast me, WERE FRIENDS"

by NAAACKK February 08, 2005
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foolish (to shove sand up a hogs a with a timithy stock)
why is bob allways puttering around
by lilpete May 04, 2007
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What you call a kitty-cat if you dont know what its name is.
did you see the putters run across the road!
by Jjake April 19, 2008
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