A student in Primary School who is bratty, disrespectful and spoiled. They somehow manage to have installed every social media app known to the world onto their Iphone 11 pros and seem to think that they are superior to the rest of the population. They are also known as the year 7s of primary school
Person 1: You're such a Year 4
Year 4: I know you are but what am I?
Other year fours: Buuuuuurrrrrrnnnnnn they got you so good, that was the best insult i've seen in years, omg you're so creative I wish I could've thought of an insult like that
by lalitamississippi April 19, 2020
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This is a cold that only one person possesses.This individual has been through the best of times and the worst. God speed.....Ryan O'hara
"Poor, poor o'hara, he can fill a whole bag with used tissues within a 2 hour period..."
by DC_Master October 18, 2003
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a four year old. that age where you don't know if you're a baby or a kid.
either really smart and nice or just fucking dumb
man 1: oh no a 4 year old is approaching us
man 2: what's wrong with them?
man 3: they're really dumb and useless usually.
man 1: yeah or they can be nice, but it's really rare
man 4: better back away
by swaggy elder June 07, 2021
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When a President of the United States is elected and the republican/democratic side goes nuts because their pick did not win. Usually involves conspiracy, rumor, or pure falsehood.
2001 Democrat: I'm telling you man, George Bush was definitely involved in the explosion at the Pentagon.

2012 Republican: Hah, you're crazy! Meanwhile you still think that Obama wasn't involved in Sandy Hook.

Sensible Person: Jesus, look at these morons back then, having a 4 Year Seizure.
by A pyrocynical/leafy fanfag September 30, 2017
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a phrase used by people to define college
"I shouldn't have went to that state college. All I did was get drunk and party and now I can't find a job because of my useless degree in Environmental Art History. what a waste of 4 years."
by Colagegraduit January 16, 2016
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