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Punk/Ska band developed in 1991. Starting with

Tim Armstrong (Vocals/Guitarist)
Matt Freeman (Backing Vocals/Guitarist)
Brett Reed (Drums)
Lars Frederiksen (Bassist/Vocals)

This band is amazing and unless seen and heard in concert. One cannot be truly declared as a Rancid fan. You could have sex with Tim Armstrong...but unless you've heard him live you're not a true fan.

When you hear a Rancid song, you know its Rancid. Especially after hearing Tim Armstrongs voice.
"well, he's back in the hole where they got him living
like a rat but he's smarter than that nine lives
like a cat 15 years old take him to the youth authority home
first thing you learn is that you got to make it
in this world alone " -Time Bomb-

Me:"Hey dude!"
Me:"I've got good news and bad news"
Me:"Rancids going back on tour and their new albums coming out!!"
Mike:"Cool...whats the badnews."
Me:"I used your money for tickets..."
Mike:"How is that bad? We got tickets to Rancid"
Me:"No...Me and Jenny did..."
by NoVaKaiNe July 03, 2006

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