1) Anyone who claims that people of different skin colours can't get their asses out of bed in the morning. Typically someone who can't be bothered getting his or her own ass out of bed in the morning.

2) Term thrown back at anyone who DARES to criticise Jews or Moslems.
He's a racist. Every time he goes to the Social Welfare offices, which is often, he makes a point of sneering at all the Blacks and Pakistanis who are reduced to the same situation.

You DARE criticise the Taliban? You Racist!

You DARE criticise the State of Israel? You Anti-Semitic racist pig!
by Fearman August 28, 2007
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Someone who disagrees with, or wins an argument against a liberal, especially against a nonwhite liberal.
How dare you oppose affirmative action, quotas, set-asides, bilingual education & voter ballots in 60 languages! Are you telling me that black people have to meet the same standards as white people, and that immigrants have to learn English in order to make it in American society? You're such a racist!
by Omega Death November 10, 2005
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Why must we all be such racist whores. At each others necks with knives waiting for someone to do something racist. Hey assholes, count how many fingers you have, then have another ethnic person count how many fingers they have. OH MY GOD WE ALL HAVE 5 FINGERS!!!! How strange! I think we are all equally racist. Whites, blacks, jews, indians, asians, arabians, christians, retards, gays, and genders, we like to up our standards by putting down someone else's. I look back on Dr. Kings speech, and really, looking today, the only thing that has changed was law.
"those cracker-ass bitches be the most racist people!"
"those dirty negroes have no place here. Why did we even bring them here in the first place?"
"lazy Americans are so dishonorable, they bring shame to their nation. HAHAHAHAHAHA"
"i may be a white ass cracker but at least I'm not a racist!!!"
by WAKE UP REALITY!!! November 23, 2009
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A Person who believes that people of other back grounds and ethnicities are inherently inferior to their own and express their opinion through freedom of speech.
Racism can occur in any backgound and contrary to small minded belief racists are not all white, this belief is in fact racist in itself.
White Racist "Hey i was at a party the other night and couldn't believe how many jungle bunnies were there. They should go back to Africa the spear chuckas"

Black Racist "Hey i was pulled over by the police the other night by this stupid cracka ass racist honky five o! He said it was just routine but its cos i is black!"
by Tango169 August 16, 2006
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Someone who doesn't understand that his own people is just as full of shit as the next one.

Someone who always think his people/country is pure and innocent and the bad guys are always on the other side.

Someone who should meditate on his own mistakes before rushing into criticizing others.
Racist Guy : I think muslims are barbarian who beat their wives and kill innocent people.
So basically I will prove myself more civilized than them by bombing their countries, raping their wives and killing their innocent children.
by willywannabite August 21, 2007
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