Anyone who defends their perspective of intolerance, as being something that was forced upon them by the media or any other extrinsic force. Racists are like apple pie - we don't really need them - but they're already so very American, that we can't figure out how to get rid of them without losing our own identities - as anti-fascists: who would sooner slap the taste from their racist mouth than listen to them prattle on - about how hard it is to be stupid and white in the free world.

I am a little more ashamed: having to know that I have to be white along with them.

I would tell you what's wrong with black racism - but since it's already been perverted by plenty of white people so far - what would be the point?
At least 30% of all Urban Dictionary contributors are closeted racists - and I still prefer them over the vocal ones.
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A person who basically judges other people on the basis of their race. This is not limited to negative judgements alone. Attaching positive characteristics to a person because of racial considerations is still being a racist.
Everyone is racist. Even indigenous peoples and cultural minorities can be racists at times. Racism is not endemic to the first world countries. The third world is replete with racism as well.
by Noldy Taroogs July 21, 2005
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A term usually used by minorities to get out of any situation.
"Sir, I may have to give you a ticket for raping and brutally murdering that nun."
"You fuckin' cracka ass racist! It's just because I'm black ain't it? You say that fuckin' word like you know what you be talkin' bout! You is ignorant!"
by Janis February 01, 2005
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What you are if you dont agree with the left wing agenda.
You mean you dont want to give half your paycheck to crack addicts and prostitutes,you must be a racist.
by DR May 03, 2005
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Someone who believes their race or culture is superior to any othe. Or, someone who makes crude remarks to another's race or insults them. Although, despite what most black people think, not all white people are racist. The majority aren't. To say all white people are racist is morally low and pathetic.
All racist people should die a horrible horrible death.
by Cyto February 28, 2003
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A word that seems like only blacks know the true meaning of. I always thought it meant a dislike towards people of a different color until a black guy called me racist for not giving him my wallet.
Black guy: Hey whitey do you know what time it is?
White guy: No im sorry I don't know.
Black guy: Oh I get it you don't know the time cause im black.
White guy: Your kidding right?
Black guy: You racist bitch, I go get all my gangstas and we be poppin caps in yo cracka ass.
by Matt111 January 06, 2008
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1. Someone who is prejudiced against people of other races
2. The majority of definitions for racist here on Urban Dictionary
3. A term stupid people use for something that isn't fair
1. Racist Guy- I will never hire a white person, they are all stupid pigs.
Me- You sir, are a racist.
2. Common Urban Dictionary definition- All black people are racist. They hate white people.
Me- By saying all black people are racist, that makes you racist.
3. Me- I disagree with your theory.
Idiot- The only reason you're saying that is because I'm white! YOU RACIST!!!!
by fdhyhjeryj4 January 18, 2009
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