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A Rush Limbaugh: is when I wash down a handful of OxyContin with at least three quarts of cough-syrup, and then I hit the gay-club to trip the light fantastic toe - but not until after having lost all of my inhibitions at the track, and my virginity for the second time in the parking lot.
* Hiyo! Hahaha; You are correct sir! *
Sorry about that - Ed McMahon is with me; the guy follows me everywhere.
Be forewarned: you will sleep for an excess of 48 consecutive hours after your first time "Rushing the Baugh," - call me if you need any help or if you just want to say hi; I miss the times we spent together at the gay-club.
Oh man; I'll never Rush Limbaugh again after last night - I won't be able to sit straight for a week.

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Anyone who defends their perspective of intolerance, as being something that was forced upon them by the media or any other extrinsic force. Racists are like apple pie - we don't really need them - but they're already so very American, that we can't figure out how to get rid of them without losing our own identities - as anti-fascists: who would sooner slap the taste from their racist mouth than listen to them prattle on - about how hard it is to be stupid and white in the free world.

I am a little more ashamed: having to know that I have to be white along with them.

I would tell you what's wrong with black racism - but since it's already been perverted by plenty of white people so far - what would be the point?
At least 30% of all Urban Dictionary contributors are closeted racists - and I still prefer them over the vocal ones.

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An individual: who despite my best efforts, cannot understand how to do anything that I've already shown him how to do. This guy is a real problem for retail, because that's all he will ever try to do with his life, even if we offered him a perfectly good job as a flagpole - he would still insist on being a team player. On the upstroke, his head can also be used as a floatation device in the event of an emergency.
In 1586 John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley, threw suspected Waterheads into the Atlantic Ocean to see if they'd float... Most of them did.

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