Player 1: I spent ten minutes explaining it all, and he didn't take in a single bloody thing.
Person 2: Rule 1.
by dennymeta October 4, 2010
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Rocket League term for when two cars ride up against each other nose to nose and become interlocked in a stalemate. Those who break rule #1 are shamed for life and are thus considered menaces to society.
Squidman524: “I can’t help you out, I have to follow rule #1.“

Pezfactory32: “If you break that I’m forfeiting bro!”

What a save!”

Squidman524: “Fuck!”
by Shoodipie December 10, 2019
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People are stupid for not having done negative number rules.
- Hey have you heard of rule -1?
- You mean rule 1?
- rule -1
by blue hawwk July 20, 2021
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Friend 1: Dude I cant drink anymore.
Friend 2: Rule 1
by Foso Mez-Mo July 2, 2010
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Every time you find anything you have to take a deep breath, yell YEET with all your might and throw it.
Player 1 : Dude I found this super rare important AND fragile thing

Player 2 : Remember Rule 1, my friend.

Player 1 : YEET
by Beamboii June 29, 2018
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First two rules of an infamous site on the Internetz. They both mean that you're not allowed to talk about the site. Ironically, rules 1 and 2 have become a defining feature of the site, essentially making them useless whenever cited.
by Abdomumibinima April 20, 2007
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