Always try to occupy odd-numbered urinals. Never occupy a urinal right next to another urinal currently in use. And never, EVER start a conversation with anyone if you are using a urinal and/or if the person you want to talk to is using a urinal. That would just make everything really awkward.
*Guy 1 enters bathroom, occupies urinal*
Guy 1: Hey bro, what's up?
Guy 1: Oh shit, sorry
*Guy 1 moves urinals, pissing commences in silence*
by anonman123 April 16, 2010
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Always bring comforter/sleeping bag to beach for sexual encounters. Do not use sheets or a towel..sand will find its way in guaranteed. - Thick fabric makes for a smooth ride.
Night 1, as follows;

Michelle: "The sand found its way through the fibers of the sheet"...ouch Sean!

Night 2, as follows; (after lesson learned)

Michelle: "This comforter is the best, Thanks to "Sex on the beach rule 1" and so are you, Sean!"
by BOMBEDONERZ November 13, 2011
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Don't be an asshole.

Especially if you're normally an asshole (you know who you are), try your hardest not to be one. Being a dick to anyone will RUIN an entire trip.
Guy 1: Dude, Guy 3 has been such an douchebag to Guy 4.
Guy 2: I'd kick him out on account of violating Rule 1 of Road Trips, but we're stuck with his sorry ass for another two weeks...
by VanguardVince June 9, 2012
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Me: Bro I think I'm catching feelings for her
Friend: Homie remember Rule Number 1
by cjbaker77 September 25, 2017
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At a BBQ, The number of Burners on the BBQ decides how many metres away any women must be at all times***

*** All times except whilst bringing an alcoholic beverage to the cook or cooks support.
Rule AUS-1 relates to the goings on at a BBQ

There is 4 Burners on a mans BBQ which means his wife must stay 4 metres away from it, unless she brings him or his support staff a beer, which should be open by the time he gets it, then she must retreat to the required distance.
by Loudy_016 November 26, 2010
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4/1 - April's first.
No one in the entire internet can be trusted, especially on 4/1.
*on 4/1*
Guy1: ¡Oh my god , Half life 3 is coming out and Facebook buys Linux!

Guy2: Rule 4/1.
by Fasox April 3, 2014
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