Fitting two things together, or lock them into each other (past tense)
The boy's hands interlocked, together as they both blushed and smiled
by Lee or Shadow idc XD December 5, 2016
The intimate dove-tailing of fingers in a pleasurable union of the hands.
When we hold hands, we interlock!
by Jona Browning October 17, 2012
The ultimate decision. A process of choosing what is accepted given a list of options.
by cubed2206 June 22, 2011
philosopher Ken Wilber's interpretation of John Locke's "interlocked world order"
Wilber and John interlocke in the idea of the great chain of being.
by Doos Jarus December 29, 2021
A situation for a couple(man/woman), in which the woman, procures a double sided dildo. Preferably one with a good amount of give. The process involves locking ones genitalia, and then the double sided dildo is placed within both buttholes.
We tried Interlocking. I can't poop anymore.
by Bill M'Gator September 30, 2011
Connecting one's toes with another's to express their true best-friendship with eachother; the superior version to holding hands.
"how close are you with this person?"
"we interlocked toes"
"you must be very close!"
by ziigbo💋😻 September 29, 2022
When yourself and another person with an anus that is shaped like a cone from prolapse, press together anally and interlock with each other. Sometimes it gets even more tasty when one person needs to shit.
I did anal interlocking with my girl the other day and she seemed to enjoy it.
by sexy carracal May 21, 2021