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rule 1, forum based terminology used to ask for a picture of any person, usually female being described or talked about in a subject, origin: football365

following on from above terminology it is also the name used for a number of football teams originating from the aforementioned website
person 1 "did you see kelly brooks cameltoe on that programme last night?"
reply "RULE 1"
by G.Bart September 19, 2006
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Don't Talk about FightClub......
RULE #1----Don't Talk about FightClub......
by Chris Nelson January 19, 2005
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The prime rule in Rocket League where if you lock heads with another player, you do not break the lock.
Dude, really? Why would he break rule 1?
by Octanebro October 20, 2019
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I knew I had made a mistake in messing with that homeless “brutha” on the light rail, when he went off calling me a “racist” because I suggested he not urinate on the seat in the train.
Dude, if you had followed rule#1 and not engaged in interaction with that “teen”, you might not have gotten beat up!
by 1Icemonkey May 31, 2019
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If you think something is slang or don't if it is actually slang, then it is on the Urban Dictionary.
"Yo I just put the pussy on the chain wax!"
"That is not a real saying"
"Rule 1 man..."
by ball-handles September 3, 2015
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River Song: Who told you he was dead?
Amy Pond: He did!
River Song: Rule 1: The Doctor lies.
by Book_Freak November 10, 2011
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