Are You Horny ? - Common sexting slang term
Hey, RUH?
by msff January 15, 2012
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The dumbass way of saying “bruh” because you are absolute garbage at spelling and grammarly wants you to burn in Hell.
“ruh, how du u spel?”
by WhyIsTheUserSnazTaken? June 22, 2020
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1. Expression of angst.
2. Extreme displeasure.
3. Can be used in place of "fuck, shit, damn"
1. Ruh, the mavs lost.
2. Ruh, calc test tomorrow.
3. RUH!!!
by Dane Button March 12, 2003
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A man with a very large penis, as well as a lot of friends. Usually is social and doesn't take bullshit. Last forever in bed and cums massive loads that can have a variety of flavors such as strawberry, mango, watermelon, peach and raspberry.
"Oh my God, did you see that guy in there? I bet he is a Ruhs."
by Miamiburn April 20, 2009
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An exclamation often made by Viets to express something being gay. Its origin is from a .wav recording in which Vietsean slapped David's sheath in a masturbatory-mimic, and it "ruh" was the sound he made upon his fake ejaculation.
"You are such a faggot."
by fux0r January 27, 2003
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Someone who believes they are infinately superior to those around them, especially by religious or moral standards.
"Her boyfriend is a such a ruhs. He doesn't even want her to talk to anyone but him."
by i_come_greymalkin May 17, 2006
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