Alonso is a name for a sweet cute shy guy. He likes hanging out in groups, so he doesn’t have to be in the spotlight, he plays guitar and is semi athletic. He wears glasses, and most people think he is a nerd. He’s cute with or without his glasses and his smile is super sweet. After you open up a bit about yourself, you can really have a good conversation with him. He is strong and definitely caring. Spending time with him is always fun. He’s awkward and shy, but definitely sweet and someone you want to hang out with.
Hey! Did you see that guy??? Total sweetheart!

Ya! No wonder his parents named him Alonso!
by GoldenDork July 17, 2019
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The name of my biggest crush!!!!
1:hey what is biggest crush u have?
2:yea Alonsoo is my biggest crush
by kaca__tokic October 6, 2020
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The best friend you can ever have, a very nice and funny friend. a very attractive, short, white skin and happy guy. someone who makes you smile and laugh. the most intelligent man in the universe. the greatest person you could find. if you have an Alonso in your life you can consider yourself the most lucky person. One of the ones that I need and love the most.
Alonso is my BFF and I love him
by volker_sikorsky April 27, 2017
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Is a big cinephile that prefers watching movies than dealing with people and has a cat, he is a big nerd and loves to eat. it can also be use as a adjective or verb
that is very Alonso of you
by alonso1234 July 8, 2021
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A player for Chelsea football club. Also a verb, meaning to kill someone with a car
Georginho: gonna go for a drive, might Alonso someone

Pys: Anyone see Lewis?
Riley: Yeah I Alonso'd him
by GeorginhoCFC April 5, 2019
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A computer genius that often is used as tech support. He also comonly knows tons about Nintendo and detests Sony. He's commonly from South America.
Phil: Goddamn it I can't (do something with my computer or somthing to do with Nintendo)

Chuck: Call Alonso, Dude
by WindmillMan February 22, 2008
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Someone filled with opportunities to escalate his relationship with someone but not doing anything about it
"YO last night at the party I almost kissed her"
"Really? what happened?"
"I acted like a total Alonso
by NOTANALONSO April 30, 2019
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