A word used to describe the continuous training and development of a sailor in the United States Navy. It is primarily used by weak and inept leaders to justify asinine policies and beliefs that can't be rationally explained or have any real world, practical, and intelligent correlation to anything.
"Hey, if our facility that's located on a secure military base doesn't contain any weapons, ammunition, specialized equipment, or classified material, has a security system, functional fire detection and suppression, security cameras, and lockable doors, and houses a command that only operates primarily during normal business hours, why the fuck do I have to sit here all night and on weekends on duty doing nothing, guarding nothing, with nothing going on?"

"Because people stand duty and watch in the Navy. It's for your sailorization, shipmate."

"Yeah asshole, I know that. But they're also actually watching or doing something. This is retarded and for no reason."

"Because people stand duty and watch in the Navy. It's for your sailorization, shipmate."

"You're a fucking moron. Are all Chief Petty Officers required to have a lobotomy before their promotion?"

"Because people stand duty and watch in the Navy. It's for your sailorization, shipmate."

"I wish you would go play in traffic Chief. Fucking Hoo Yah!"
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The sailors of the United States Navy are among the most disciplined, devoted, and well-trained fighting men the world has ever known. They drink gasoline and piss fire, The spit bullets and shit bombs, and will swim across the ocean with a knife in their teeth just for the chance to carve up those that threaten their homeland.

Modern day sailors leave wakes of dead bodies or smoldering craters wherever they go. They are sneaky sons of bitches, and usually the only thing that lets you know they are present is the earsplitting howl of an incoming tomahawk missile, or the cold steel of an oil-slick blade slicing through your throat.

Rumor has it that sailors are rowdy drunks. This is absolutely true. No other branch of the service can stand up to the fury of a US sailor's binge drinking. The Coast Guard spills their wine, the Air Force wets themselves, the Army passes out, and the Marine Corps bitterly sit alone at the bar muttering bad gay jokes to themselves.

There is a rivalry between the US Marine Corps and the US Navy. This is the result of the quantity of beautiful exotic women that sailors make love to every time they pull into a foreign port. The Marines are jealous of this, because they only get to fuck Ali-Babba and his goats. There are no fine women out in the desert. The Marines spread lies about sailors, calling them cowardly or homosexual, but never to their faces, that is unwise.

Don't fuck with US Navy Sailors.

Foreigner one: Hey! An American warship ship just pulled into port!

Foreigner two: Oh shit, sailors! Hide the women and the booze!
by ET3 (SS) March 16, 2010
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Someone who uses profanity often in their speech; especially when angered or in a bad mood.
My friend Randy's a sailor. You should see him when he plays golf: "That fuckin' golf ball just won't fuckin' get in that fuckin' hole!"
by Kxyyle May 17, 2011
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1. A hard working member of the United States Navy
2. Accused of being gay by faggot ass Marine and Army soldiers (see also bullet sponge)
3. Persons who after spending much time at sea sleep with women in many different ports (see also prostitutes)
4. someone who gets more tail than anyone could possibly imagine
"see him? that's the 8th girl tonight, what a sailor!"
"my friend joe just worked a 48 hour day, what a sailor"
by IT3Larson September 28, 2005
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A form of relgion based off of doing someone dirty. It can also be a serious condition in which people can not stop doing someone dirty, it is considered a very contagious disease.
I can't believe you had sex with that girl, and then kicked her out of your bed... You Sailor!
by Jmoney92 April 4, 2011
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A beautiful girl with captivating dark eyes, a contagious smile and wild curly hair. Her grin, sometimes ornery, but always enjoyable, her giggles so completely adorable. She is as sweet as cupcake and soft as kitten. She is pure preciousness from the top of her head, past her button nose and right down to her pink polished toes. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting this lovely little lady, you will then understand what I mean, when I say she is a Rose.
The girl is so fresh, she's like an ocean breeze, warm like a summer sunset and as wild as the seas, she must be a Sailor.
by A heart you are forever in. October 7, 2013
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