A term used to designate one of the Lord's annointed -- a member of the Saved elect, that is, a member of, or one who tithes regularly to God's favorite Church, Landover Baptist. Strictly the term should be followed, when possible, by the Trademark symbol (™).
He is a True Christian pastor at Landover Baptist.
by Pastor James December 6, 2005
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1. A believer who is serious about (his/her) moral in Jesus Christ. Whose main goal is to please God more than (himself/herself). Who does not take sinning lightly. Not a hypocrite.
2. Christ-like. Learns and takes after (mimics) Jesus Christ’s qualities, teachings, habits, lifestyle. A believer who has great faith, trusts in God's word, hopeful outlook on life, or at least pursues - or meditates on perfecting his faith daily. A believer who has strong love for his enemies and natural affection towards anyone. A believer who is very obedient to all of God's commands (what he requires). Holy. Without spot blemish or wrinkle in their daily walk.
3. A failure in his faith, or nonbeliever who self examines and recognizes his sins, faults, accepts Jesus Christ as God, is sorry for his sins and repents. May still fail, but still aims for spiritual perfection daily.
1. He/she walks after the spirit daily so he/she does not walk after the fleshly desires, neither after the world, neither after materialism or earthly treasures, has not pride, and obeys Gods commands. They want to be a True Christian.
2. He/she lives the way Jesus does. He/she tries or does perfect his/her faith, love, obedience, and relationship with God daily. This is the life of a True Christian.
3. Even though he/she has been a failure for what God wants, his/her heart is broken and is hungry for God's spirit to conquer the law of sin and death. He/she understands in being perfection spiritually living a life without sin; being obedient to God with their whole heart daily. He/she is more justified to be a True Christian.
by penninja February 19, 2007
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Monotheistic followers of Jesus who:

1. Search for the truth instead searching for a belief that makes them feel good about themselves.

2. Serve God instead of themselves or their own desires.

3. Completely accept the Bible as the complete, authoritative source of information about God.

4. Take it upon themselves to be Christian rather than expect clerics to serve as proxy Christians for them.

5. Obey God's word because they love and respect God enough to obey Him, instead of working even harder to come up with excuses not to obey God.

6. Do not introduce man-made philosophies or pagan customs into their worship and pretend that they have something to do with Jesus.

7. Obey God rather than men when the two are in conflict.

8. Do not follow self-appointed prophets or messiahs.
I prefer honest pagans and Real True Christians to those who pretend that the fertility symbols of Easter, such as eggs, rabbits, and maidens dressed in white have something to do with Jesus.
by Downstrike May 24, 2004
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please read and bear with it the whole way

First of all, not all Christians are a bunch of "dickheads" who believe their better than everyone else and discriminate others for not following "unfair rules" in some old book. This is what a Christian should truly be and display in everyday life, because it says so in the Bible itself.

A Real Christ Following Christian, and I'm not talking about the people who say they believe in God just so they think they'll go to heaven, is one that shows Christ's love everyday of their life, not discriminating everyone else around them for what they believe or think of themselves as better people. True Christians are the ones that TRULY know God's Word (the Bible) and follow it everyday, and God blesses them, not because they're simply Christians, but because they do what they're supposed to according to the Bible. A person who prays to God and spends time with him and reads his Word to learn more about him. Not people who go and tell others what is wrong with them, but reach out to the world and help them by bringing God into their life, and therefore have true happiness. Not the "happiness" that you get from being buzzed, or high, or losing your viriginity, which ALL AND ALWAYS result in future consequence and hinder you from true happiness (In God), although they will feel good at first, which is the immediate consequence. And Also people who don't just believe that good deeds will get them to heaven, but through Jesus Christ's salvation and living in his example to their best ability, although not perfectly, ever. And also believe that he is the ONLYY way to heaven, and there is no other way.

True Christians are also easy to pick out because they publicly claim to be them no matter what, and are truly happy because God fills their life with joy and show it to the rest of world.

If you read all of this, i commend you, and it comes from a Christian standpoint.
A Christian (True Christian); a person who follows God's Word, has seeked salvation in Christ alone, and displays God's love to others every chance they get.
by ZRAIKER March 11, 2008
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Originally a descriptive for a member of Landover Baptist Church (God's Favorite Church) but also includes those members of the Exclusive Country Club of the Predestined and Sanctified Elect who believes and preaches the Bible IN ITS ENTIRETY; and who, by stating they "love the sinner and hate the sin" have no problem telling anyone who isn’t a non-White Anglo-Saxon conservative fundagelical -- including, but not limited to Cathylicks, Homersexurals, Joos, Mooslims, Hindoos, Boodhists, Mormens, Methodists, Whiskypalians, Plentycostals, blacks, the French, ragheads, LIEberals and DEMONcrats -- that God loves them so much He's going to make sure they burn in an everlasting Hell.

Examples of True Christians™ include Betty Bowers, Jerry Falwell, Fred Phelps, John Hagee, James Dobson, Tom DeLay, Rod Parsley, Sister Taffy and Judy O’Christian. Note: descriptions or lists of these kinds of Christians should always be accompanied with the ™ sign.
James Dobson's brand of True Christianlurve, where he lovingly tells all homosexuals that they're going to burn in Hell, makes me feel all warm and tingly inside!
by carpbear July 11, 2008
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A person who has accepted Jesus Christ into a temporary mind, a temporarily inherited heart, and an eternal soul, which goes to heaven after doing so.
Real true Christians often try to make real true Christians of other people (as they should, and as they should have a right to without being attacked, insulted, killed, or sued).
by Phrigajiblenoghip May 22, 2004
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A person who uses the old "true Christian" excuse to separate themselves from others of their own faith when those others do something wrong or shameful. Often times the "true Christian" doesn't have even a decent grasp of their own religion they profess to honor and will quite often break their own rules and codes of their religion to win an argument. "True Christians" are often loud mouthed about their faith to make sure everyone knows they are Christian as if it earned them some special prize.

However, when a popularity of religion challenge arises, "true Christians" will place that selective title aside to keep their numbers high much like how they'll ignore the other sects of their faith till they've established their numbers, then return to shunning all the other "non-true Christians".

See also "No True Scotsman" fallacy
"Well the Westboro Baptist Church is Christian and they think gays should be killed."

"No, they aren't "true Christians" (Christian (True Christian)) like me"
by menolikey January 20, 2014
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