a sick (as in cool) place where all the cool ppl in Virgina have resided in at one point in their lives and a very dangerous place so watch out with what you say or u might end up raped, shot, beat, and/or killed
no joke
I live in Reston and i have seen some nasty things
by Dgreates1forever June 24, 2008
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Bitch ass town in Virginia, but with a kinda cool guy named Parag. Don't go there after dark though, its like the bad seed of Compton and Harlem.
"Hey man you goin to Reston this weekend?"
"Nah bitch Parag be there with the Troubs on saturday"
"Aww shit the Troubs be out there? You know they shady"
by HellaNorCal501 December 3, 2014
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A fine town in Virginia that is being destroyed by the liberal douches of Fairfax County who want to ruin people's lives and make Reston a communist enclave. There are so many new buildings that were ordered by brainless Maoists who have lived in Reston for 0-8 years, and the Reston Station is the worst event in Reston history, tied with them building Reston Town Center. Anybody who disagrees clearly knows nothing about Reston and came from somewhere like DC or California.
Person 1: Hey, you know Reston?
Person 2: Yes, it's becoming shit now.
Moron: The new buildings look nice! The Metro will bring so many opportunities.
Person 1: Shut up you filthy simpleton
Person 2: You know nothing about Reston
Moron: The development is good. I honor figures like Karl Marx, Fairfax County outta pay attention to that fine shit
by NormalPerson556 November 6, 2017
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it is a wonderful name for two hot chicks and one of is hansom and sexy and the other one is so popular and has the best hottest friends in the whole tier world
by Budapest276 September 9, 2022
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When you only have 24 hours with your boyfriend and haven't seen each other in months, he flips you over repeatedly while fucking you to maximize positions
I want him to make me a Reston pancake.
by Lady FatKid July 27, 2019
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a brazilian supermodel who died from anorexia.
ana carolina reston was said to have been living on a diet of apples and tomatoes prior to her death.
by Angelacia July 11, 2008
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