Renob boner spelled backwords.

It can also be used to call some one a name.
Justin is a total renob today.
by grimridersuxcock December 17, 2002
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An occourance when a man is so revolted that even his penis cowers in fear, hiding from its object of horror.
That girl is so ugly, I get a renob just thinking about her.
by WallaWallaOnion April 23, 2003
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Something you get when you see a rather unattractive female. An inverted boner, if you would. Or perhaps a negative hard on.
"Wow, did you see that ugly ass bitch with no tits? She totally gave me a renob.
by TheClyde August 12, 2005
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A term used to describe a Washington State native, preferably from Yakima, who has an undying love for Starbucks coffee, Safeway, and working long ass hours at Comcast.
by yakimahaterfromgitmo October 26, 2009
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A penis that shrinks instead of grows when the man is horny.
I need to get a doctor to check out this RENOB I got.
by Word to your motha January 1, 2003
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(boner spelled backwards) Anything related to a boner or erection.
Look at that douche Evan, he is such a renob.
by bonerjames2000 October 21, 2010
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Transitioning from an erect penis to a flaccid penis in a number of seconds. In rare occasions, sometimes even, fully retracting the penis into the pelvic floor. Such a phenomon caused by the senses of a(n) unapealing and/or disguting nature.
Austin failed to seduce Oscar by speaking of an essay assignment on a anaylsis about "Beowulf", thus giving his friend a Renob.
by DaLatinBoyfriend August 27, 2017
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