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Renob boner spelled backwords.

It can also be used to call some one a name.
Justin is a total renob today.
by grimridersuxcock December 17, 2002
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Boner spelled backwards. Similar to being turtled, a renob is when one's boner becomes un-erect, or limp, usually caused by seeing or hearing something vulgar or disgusting.
Guy 1: did you see the new Miley Cyrus photo-shoot?

Guy 2: yeah, I was getting ready for a fun night and totally got a renob.
by Thefrancedance February 16, 2014
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An occourance when a man is so revolted that even his penis cowers in fear, hiding from its object of horror.
That girl is so ugly, I get a renob just thinking about her.
by WallaWallaOnion April 22, 2003
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When the penis goes from erect to flacid in a very sudden fasion. Usually has a slight stinging feeling in the head of the penis during the shrinkage(similar to the feeling of recieving blue balls). Can occur at the sight, smell, touch or sound of something unatrractive.
Dude, she had so much hair in her butt hole that i got the worst Renob of my life.
by MidShaftGash December 08, 2005
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The exact opposite of a boner; when something is so repulsive that a man's penis shrivels up and goes backwards, until it is through the outer end of his rectum.
The trailer for Shark Night 3D was so awful I got a renob that poked a hole in my chair.
by TheStormPow October 24, 2011
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a)It's boner spelled backwards. Refers to a dumbass. Usually used after someone does or says something stupid.

b)an erect penis
Dan you renob!! There is no such thing as a off-suite flush.

Matt had a renob after looking at caitlen.
by t-gay August 24, 2006
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