a rather short homosexual male with a small penis who fights people/women naked. a beowulf takes pride upon oneself when he beats on helpless people while naked.
guy 1: did you see that shit with the small cock guy beating his wife while he was naked?

guy2: yea dude, he is such a fucking beowulf...
by craftyweasul January 10, 2011
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a man who bones monsters while fighting them while naked
i am Beowulf! Son of Beowulf ! and i just chopped off this monsters head....while i giving him anal
by austin/matt July 30, 2008
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When you take a small shit, start wiping, and then you realize you have more shit to shit.

Comes from the story of Beowulf, where the titular hero kills the monster Grendel, spends years rebuilding his city, and then Grendel's mother comes along and starts shit again.
John: Dude, you were in there for a long time.

Jack: Yeah, dude it was a total Beowulf. I thought I was done and then I got a second helping.
by eds424 August 14, 2009
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an epic poem about beowulf, the great hero guy who came with a bunch of geats to dane-land and saved hrothgar from grendel by ripping out grendel's arm and thus killing him

beowulf then proceeds 2 kill grendel's mum (who isnt much better) and eventually kills a dragon but this costs him his life b/c he gets slashed in like the jugular
im'a read beowulf cos he ripped a guys arm off
by unusu-al November 8, 2003
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To do something extremely savage, often to further one's own personal vanity and glory. Saying "I AM BEOWULF!" also makes you epic, and is an official replacement for "THIS IS SPARTA!"

The words "gnar", "Leonidas", "Sparta" and "sav" or "savage" are synonyms for Beowulf/
Guy 1: Dude, I just Beowulf'd that guy's arm!
Guy 2: What did you do again?
Guy 1: I fucking broke it off numbnut!

Guy 1: I had such a Beowulf day today.
Guy 2: What did you do?
Guy 1: Well, I beat up five burly men at the same time, placed first in a 100k marathon, and then beguiled eight gorgeous bitches into my bed. I AM BEOWULF!
Guy 2: Umm... Okay dude. That's great.
by Hrothgar, King of Danes November 18, 2007
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Something terrible, bad, made worse, despicable, lame.
Derived from the 2007 film rendition of the "Beowulf" poem. The movie was so terrible, that the term "Beowulf" can now be applied to anything bad.
"Dude I hate that song, it's so beowulf!"
"That was a beowulf call, no way that was the ref is being fair!"
by Bibahm Ayap February 6, 2008
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The first book written an English language (in this case, Anglo-Saxon), it is probably the most boring peace of literature to have ever tortured English students.
Sorry that I didn't finish Beowulf, it was more fun watching paint dry while I was stabing myself in the aorta.
by rosep September 9, 2005
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