Redundant, have no use in real life anymore; all of his/her actions are meaningless.
"Damn it, you ain't getting shit done at all, you are totally RDT, just go home".
by Asafro June 01, 2018
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RDT= "Modern version of an Inca Warrior-savage, sacrificing Republicans for Free tuition"
RDT 's were responsible for antagonizing the Trump rally participants yesterday.

The Hillary Clinton campaign attracted many RDT's just as Trump attracted many racists.
by UCANTCMESBG June 19, 2017
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French Acronym for "Rien du tout", which means "nothing at all". Pronounced "err -deh-teh" or "raw-deh-teh.

It can be used in any language to signify the absence of objects, feelings, perception while sounding blasé and borderline confusing.
- You okay? What's wrong? - Rdt.
- Is there anything on my face? -aside from your usual scowl, Rdt. you're good.
by Chihayà February 20, 2019
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