Means I want to tie you up and do naughty things until you scream loud enough that the people in the next town can hear<3 :P
Boy: Rawr, Baby!
Girl: Grab the rope I'll be right over :P
by Rawr me Baby :P April 6, 2014
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A word used to break the ice when bored and to sound seductive. Used By Audrey.
Boy: This Is Quiet
Girl: Rawr ;)
Boy: Ohh Behave
by Audrey Macleod April 18, 2008
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a happy imitation of a roar, often to emphasize sexual attraction.
by Daveybones November 14, 2018
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A catch-all phrase in the furry community.
1: How you doin' bud?
2: Rawr.

1: Dude you see that one? She was.... rawr!

1: Mmmm rawr...
by Wulfblood October 16, 2010
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In dinosaur, the way of saying, "Hey. You there. Yes, you good sir. I wanted to afford you the courtesy of letting you know that I'm about to eat you. Quite right, eh?".
Human: Ahhhhhh! That T- Rex is going to eat us!

T- Rex: RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by M.C. Rooer July 7, 2009
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RAWR is dinosaur for "GET IN MAH BELLY!"
often confused with RAWUER! wich is dinosaur for "i love you"
why am i so hungry? RAWR!
by BARBIEKEN September 14, 2010
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A primitive sound used to represent a personal feeling. Due to the generic and modular nature of the word, the actual implied meaning varies from person to person.
"RAWR! I am a lion, fear me!"
by josh taylor November 1, 2004
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