A noise many people make to start conversations, tell someone that they're bored, and sometimes to say "I love you"
Example one:
Girl: Rawr!
Boy: Why do you always rawr at people?
Girl2: To start a conversation.

Example two:
Girl1: Rawr, I'm so bored!
Girl2: Rawr, So am I!

Example Three:
Girl: Rawr!
Girl2: That mean's I love you in Dinosaur!
Girl: But I don't love you! ^-^
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1. Dinosaur language for; I would like to tie you up and do naughty things to you.
2. Dinosaur language simply for; I love you
Jake: *Looking at Kelly* "Rawr"
Kelly: "what meaning do you imply here?"
Jake: "Why not both?"
Kelly: "ooh I like this side of you"
by Antidistablishmentarinism August 2, 2015
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a word used to descibe anger, bordom or simply used to say randomly and throw people off
person: ok so then we went to the movies and he was all like
me: Rawrr!
Person:......um...wtf? i dnt even kno how to respond to that
me: walks away smiling. ~mission achieved~
by shaylaa October 24, 2008
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1. Originally meant "right answer, wrong reason", used in RPG games and such.

2. Someone stupid decided it was supposed to be a cute way of saying roar.

3. Someone else stupid decided it meant "I love you" in dinosaur language.
1. Player One: RAWR
Player Two: No! That is the right reason!!!
Player One: No, your judgement is off.

2. Rawr, I'm so cute.

3. Dinosaur: Rawr

Dinosaur's Mate: Rawr
by blarghlee August 8, 2009
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The cute and cuddley (imma rip off your head) kitty version of ROAR!!
'OMG my head!'
by Miyu Maniac October 24, 2009
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Breanna-rawr too.
by BOB AND CLINTON January 17, 2009
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