more sexually oriented version of the word "roar"
Girl: Boy, you are so sexy
Boy: Rawr!
by pj azzy May 22, 2003
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An internet lingo which indicates someone doing a 'roaring' sound. It sounds cute in a way.
Where are my cookies?! rawr!!!
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
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A word used when you are talking on msn or something and there is a biiiiig awkward silence
dude: hi howz u?
Dudette: im gd u?
Dude: yeah so.................
Dudette: RAWR!!!!!
sometimes followed by lol sounds good
by Moominbaybee May 29, 2008
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what you say when someone steals something from you.
sometimes, people get hooked on it and it becomes their favorite word. watch out.
America: We want your land, Native Americans!
Native Americans: rawr!
America: oh my damn!
by Oh snap my damn February 13, 2009
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A word used when the online conversation is getting dull. Has no meaning in particular just and ice breaker that is fun.
• ?? --...? says:hehe I feel special now
! Nicøle™ says: oh you should!
• ?? --...? says: -I know
! Nicøle™ says:-rawr<3 gah ha
• ?? --...? says:-hHAAHAHA <3
by HedCandy November 24, 2007
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