A Rod is a man who is first-rate. Although he sometimes takes a little while to get to know, that is part of his charm and he is worth it. He will be someone you desire as a friend for life. Rods are thoughtful, protective, kind, always ready to help. They are an amazing combination of sensitivity and strength. They are great listeners. Family is extremely important. Never arrogant or proud, wisdom and humbleness are his key traits. Attractive on the inside and out. Rods possess a great sense of humor (mixed with an ornery teasing side) and can make you laugh until your sides hurt. If have found a Rod, handle with care. You have found a needle in a haystack - a treasure of infinite worth.
You found a Rod? You should be so lucky!
by mtbow June 19, 2013
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NOT an erect penis. Yes, this is actually a person's name.
"Rod was so pissed off when he saw all the definitions for 'Rod' on urbandictionary all had to do with a penis, so he made his own defintion."
by Mitsah G April 05, 2010
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Ridee or Diee
A:I lovee you soo much
B:I lovee youu too :D
A:Weeve been through soo much
B:I know you shouldd be my R.O.D ohh yess
by lalalahr:D November 11, 2010
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