ride or die, someone who you can’t life with out someone who means a lot to you, someone who can always make you smile even when you don’t think you will ever smile again. someone who is always there for you no matter the circumstances, they always have your back when none else does. A best friend that can understand you even when it is something crazy. They can joke around with you and call you names but they won’t let anyone else do it to you.
She is my R.O.D I love her so much.
by Blah Blahhh!!! June 1, 2018
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Ridee or Diee
A:I lovee you soo much
B:I lovee youu too :D
A:Weeve been through soo much
B:I know you shouldd be my R.O.D ohh yess
by lalalahr:D November 12, 2010
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"hey do you have the homewoooooooooork" *shudders in orgasmic way* "sorry I have R.O.D."
by cindyfriggenlouwho March 8, 2009
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Read or Die; a fresh anime about a girl who can use magic paper as a weapon, a woman who can move through solid objects, and a secret British military force trying to stop a bunch of cloned historical figures from destroying the Earth.
R.O.D. is good sauce.

Paper always beats scissors.
by Bumpass June 1, 2007
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R.O.D. "retired on duty." Someone who does as little work as possible, acts like he as already retired.
Man, that lazy bastard R.O.D. thinks he as aleady retired. Problem is, he still gets a pay check each week!!
by big-dick-brit October 1, 2006
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Roll Over Desk - a spin off of Rob (Roll Over Belt) but this time is when a chick or guy sits at a desk and their stomach rolls over there desk
Damn Alexsandra, your r.o.d is sitting on your desk
by Rob G'z August 28, 2008
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