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A girl that makes the world a better place to live. She makes life worth living. Her brown eyes and wavy brown hair accompany a perfect body and a soothing voice to create the most perfect girl alive. Her adorable laughter will stay, massaging your ears for weeks. There has never been such a nice girl and as good as a friend as her. My heart belongs to her.
Austin: hey alexsandra!
Alexsandra: hi

Austin: i love you! God how are you so perfect?
by Sexypeacockfromhell February 15, 2013
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Alexsandra is a name of a person. She is usually very hot, have serious skills on dancing and singing. She's a big flirt! She often loves to talk about guys. Some people may call her a diva.

She does have a big heart and does really care about her dear and closest friends. She don't like fakers and do not let any sucker in her life and she stands up for her friends alot!
Shes such an Alexsandra
What do you mean?
A guy talked shit about her BFF, he's on the floor now
by oliviaaaaaaaaaaaaaa February 07, 2011
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